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Introduccion from the book “Impaired Chair Proprioception”: Some of us have experienced spilling a glass of water, running into a wall, dropping our cellphones from our hands or at the very least, some sort of poor limb coordination when we are tired. Granted that these experiences may not be considered a big problem, understanding its […]

In order to understand our cognitive process we need to collect the data produced by ourselves. To this date there is no precise tool that is capable to do that, in that sense how could we reach a deeper understanding of our cognitive process? Nowadays, cognitive research is being applied to teach learning skills to […]


The piece contains approximately 200 pages representing an ongoing research that started with Prof. Calin Güet Comment during a visit to the IST “we need to find the connections behind the genes, which substance is affecting each gene and how?…” That phrase was a trigger for a non-stop search for connections; they can be found […]

Architecture generated by mutations based on a designed virus In the field of Architecture there is a constant search for new ways of form-finding; ideas may come from a variety of disciplines and theories. These ideas take us, artists, through a process of analysis that is usually dismissed once a result is achieved. This piece […]