Architecture generated by mutations based on a designed virus

In the field of Architecture there is a constant search for new ways of form-finding; ideas may come from a variety of disciplines and theories. These ideas take us, artists, through a process of analysis that is usually dismissed once a result is achieved.

This piece conceives the process as the valuable aspect of the design in contrast to the traditional architectural design workflow. What matters in this case is the development of the infection. A final result is just as meaningful as any other intermediate stage of the cell (architectural space).

The installation has the intention to let the audience experience the process virus infection and not just the final result, the disease. This is achieved by the use of Augmented reality. A traceable paper sheet has been set in the room representing the original space before the infection, and through the tablet we can see how as the space is infected it starts to change, demonstrating a sequence of results that end when the infection is over

Collaboration by Stefan Niedermair