The studio

paola otero

 Is a collection of  Paola Otero’s projects through her artistic and professional endeavor.


Paola Otero at age 7, while designing a useless sugar pouring device for her milk

It was not a competition with God or a new religious movement but an honest expression of what she has always been, a creative.
In a sense she become indeed a creator, one who creates spaces through architecture, scenarios through visualization, life through animation, insight through art, but most importantly one that creates solutions by understanding specific client’s needs.
Paola Otero obtained her architecture degree in June 2007 and has 9 years of experience as visualizer. In July 2013 she graduated from the Master of Arts&Science at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

“Paola injects enthusiasm into the project workflow, she is creative and hardworking”.

 Sandra das Merces (Proyectos ARTEU, Caracas)

“Paola successfully accomplished every task presented to her,…, always taking into account the time constrains to develop a project”
“Her multicultural background not only provides her with the ability to speak more than one language but also with the ability to understand the subtle differences in cultures. Paola’s performance was always professional, focused and effective”

Sen.Lect. Dr. Bernd Kräftner

P.O. studio is an individual or a team depending on the task presented. Both creative and technical challenges are often enriched by specialist in each area, not only as an addition of skills but offering a variety of multicultural and multidisciplinary perspectives for each problem.