Unknitting the complex network of the cognitive process.

In order to understand our cognitive process we need to collect the data produced by ourselves. To this date there is no precise tool that is capable to do that, in that sense how could we reach a deeper understanding of our cognitive process?

Nowadays, cognitive research is being applied to teach learning skills to artificial intelligence. On the other hand complex networks applied human created algorithms to understand a set of data. But how can we optimize our cognitive process if we canĀ“t collect our data and recognize our own algorithms?

The project is a complex network of a cognitive process. Due to the lack of data precision, it was based on the data generated by the artist thoughts, notes and observations during a 4 months period. It was observed that the connections between the data and the recurrent topics is not only dynamic but it can only happen while no connections are happening with other topics or it cannot be connected as well to the previous links to the same topic. The piece does not pretend to be a scientific study but a reminder of the goal of understanding our cognitive process.

Metal, wire, mobil structure.

Microexhibition at the IST Austria